Lake George Area Bike Trails & Biking Routes In Warren County

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Road Rides

Warren County Bikeway – 18.4  Miles  View Map »

Undoubtedly the safest and most bike friendly ride you will encounter in the area, This 18.4 mile (round-trip)  paved bikeway used to be an old railroad track and stretches from Lake George Village near Battlefield Park to the City of Glens Falls.  Bring some money and stop for a treat along the way.  It’s worth the trip!

North Creek Ride – 16.1 Miles  View Map »

This challenging ride runs along the Adirondack railroad town of North Creek and heads out into the back woods to the village of Olmstedville and back to North Creek.  It is 16.1 miles total and hits an elevation of 1400 feet at the 7 mile mark.

Rivers and Lakes Ride – 41.1 Miles   View Map »

You will be challenged in the first 10 miles of this ride that follows the Schroon River for half its length with a steep incline to 1100 feet but the challenge is rewarded with a gradual downhill for the next 30 miles as you ride along Loon Lake, Friends Lake, and the Hudson River.

Glen Athol Ride – 21.5 Miles  View Map »

This 21 mile country ride is somewhat hilly and begins and ends in the town of Warrensburg.  It takes you through the village of Thurman with views of the Hudson River.

Stony Creek Loop – 39.9 Miles  View Map »

This is an easy 40 mile ride with long stretches along the Hudson River, Schroon River, and Stony Creek. It begins in the Village of Lake George and passes through Warrensburg, Stony Creek, and the villages of Hadley and Luzerne.  It’s one of our favorites!

Three Lakes Ride – 33.2 Miles  View Map »

Take a scenic bike ride around three Adirondack lakes on mostly flat or rolling terrain. There are plenty of amenities along the route so take your time and enjoy all that this ride has to offer.  And here’s a secret… the Schroon River Road provides a convenient short cut if you begin to tire or “run short on time.”


Biking Safety Tips

Important Safety Tips:

Please remember, we all need to share the road and bicycles don’t have the right of way over vehicles when on the road.  Common sense goes a long way so stay safe and always ride within your limits.

Here are some additional safety tips:

When you are riding on the road;

  • Helmets must be worn by all riders at all times!
  • Obey all traffic rules as you would if you were in an automobile.
  • ALWAYS Ride on the RIGHT.
  • Ride in bicycle lanes or in the street.  NEVER ride on the sidewalk.
  • You must yield to pedestrians in crosswalks.
  • Be cautious at intersections.
  • Always ride at least a car door’s width away from parked vehicles.  Doors can open suddenly so be prepared for the worst.
  • Never wear headphones while riding.
  • Ride SINGLE FILE on roads with traffic.
  • Use hand signals when turning or stopping.
  • When approaching others from behind, give a friendly shout-out to let them know you are there.  Words like “behind you” or “on your left” work great!
  • If you stop, move off the road and well out of the way of traffic.

On The Trail

  • Bring the right gear.   Always wear a helmet and all appropriate safety gear for the conditions.
  • Always stay on the trail.
  • Ride within your ability.
  • Be careful and conscious of others.  A friendly greeting works best and won’t startle others.
  • Should you encounter wildlife, give them adequate space.  They shouldn’t bother you unless provoked.